RA Innovations

« Keeping the Technology on Board”


RA Concept engineers have a passion for railways.

RA Concept has always been interested in new technologies.

These two components are the driving force behind “RA Innovations”.


We specialized ourselves in « ICT » (Information and Communication Technology), in collaboration with VECTURIS for the functional and organizational aspects of the « railway business».


Starting in the early nineties, we applied our new ideas to operational management of vehicle fleets. More specifically we focused on the improvement of railway operations in the field, with centralized software solutions.


More recently with the “exploding” availability of onboard technologies, RA Innovation has embarked in several initiatives aiming at putting advanced onboard logic on vehicles, wagons and locos. The objective is still to reduce operational costs but under new angles of “attack”.


With this in mind we have straighten our traditional cooperation with VECTURIS which started new railway concessions to manage the operations of several African railways. This cooperation provides RA Concept with an ideal workbench for implementing its news products.


Other partners will soon be joining our projects: research centers, university laboratories, small enterprises specialized in onboard technology, etc.


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Bernard Defalque
Managing Director
Mob: +32 475 455331
Email: bde@raconcept.com

Stéphane Jaumot
Mob: +32 479 844934
Email: sja@raconcept.com

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