Consulting History and Achievements

-        1980’s :

o   Participation in the computerization of the Brussels Underground (STIB) with the first micro-computers installed in all metro stations.


-        1990’s :

o   Design of a basic wagon control system on PC computers (Malawi Railways)

o   Computerization of the Congolese railways (SNCC) in the context of one of the first railway privatization initiatives

o   Development of the « RailTracker » software and its implementation in more than fifteen railways of Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia

o   Extension of « RailTracker » to the Internet with the opening of half a dozen websites for railway customers

o   With TransNet (South African railways) and American consultants, participation in the RSIS project for the integration of wagon control systems of all railways of Southern Africa

o   With Transurb Consult (Belgian Railways), feasibility study for a wagon management system on ex-soviet railways (one million wagons)


-        2000’s :

o   Feasibility studies in Asia (India, Nepal, Thailand, etc.) for the tracking of cargo containers along multimodal corridors (port-road-rail)

o   With Technirail, Hewlett Packard, Informix and Sema (now Atos Origin), design of a new « tracking » system for the Bulgarian railways

o   Consultancy in numerous railway projects, mainly in Africa


-        2010’s :

o   Reassessment of the initial concepts of « RailTracker » in a new initiative called “ATRAC », upgraded version involving onboard micro-technologies and distributed logic

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