-        RailTracker


RailTracker is application software for monitoring and tracking rolling stock and cargo along a small to medium size railway.

RailTracker records all operations on wagons, locomotives, trains, cargo consignments, border crossings, incidents, etc. The software is developed around a centralized database modeling railway activities. Several peripheral software modules feed and use this information and extend the application landscape: customer billing, empty wagon allocation, railway statistics, tracking websites, etc.


-        ATRAC


The ATRAC project aims at optimizing further the railway operations along a transport corridor, implementing a chain of information in parallel of the transport chain, adding computer modules onboard vehicles to address operational needs.

The main objective of the project is to prove that an integrated information chain, with highly automatized data acquisition modules, with distributed logic along the track and onboard vehicles, is now technologically and economically feasible for the management of wagon and locomotives operations and their cargo payload.

The project entails an important research component to develop innovative technological solutions:

- Onboard module for locomotives to manage the « life » of a train, from its composition to the end of its journey, at minimal operation costs (OPEX).

- Onboard modules for wagons to monitor all operational events such as loading, offloading, attachment to a train and detachment, incident, derailment, etc.

- Production of new « KPI » (Key Performance Indicators) using the newly available data collected in the field in near real-time.

ATRAC is based on the railway operational data model developed with RailTracker, with extended functionalities, e.g. by automatic data collection on vehicles, or by decentralizing part of the operational management along the railway network.

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