Meet the Legend

The most elegant train ever built since the glorious days of the enchanting ‘Train Bleu’ or the famous SimplonOrient-Express that made the legend of luxury trains. 

A subtle combination of a unique Boutique hotel offering all 5-star amenities with a traditional mean of transport for leisure or business. 

A Pullman-style traditional train far away from the hightech bullet or magnetically levitated trains, though embracing all comfort and safety features offered by the
state-of-the-art technologies.

Most interesting interior architecture featuring innovative space management and cabin structure.  

A style matching your needs: from classic to contemporary, either with an occidental or more oriental touch, according to your requirements.  



Supported by experienced railway and hotel architects, RA CONCEPT has designed a new concept of luxury 
trains and proposes the construction and further operation of an exclusive 5-star “Boutique Luxury Train”. It distinguishes itself from existing initiatives through its unprecedented and unequalled design, its elevated level of comfort and service which addresses today’s customer expectations.

It combines unique characteristics such as:
● Elegance, stylish interior architecture and
sumptuous design;
● Exclusivity and customized services;
● Unprecedented comfort in overnight surface

The company applies a turnkey approach and commits to deliver to an investment consortium a complete train set in full compliance with the technical, operational and safety regulations of the host railway. RA Concept is responsible for the development phase that includes the business plan, the conclusion of service contracts and operating agreement with the host railway operator, the project financing and further set up and incorporation of a local investment company.

RA CONCEPT is also globally responsible for the production phase through various partnerships for the production of the interior modules (Belgium/host country), the shells (host country) and the assembly and finishing (host country). RA CONCEPT will subsequently support the financial risk of the industrial process up to final delivery.

Besides the production activity, RA CONCEPT intends to lead the investment consortium and play a major role in the long term operation of the luxury trains

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Bernard Defalque
Managing Director
Mob: +32 475 455331

Stéphane Jaumot
Mob: +32 479 844934

Haute Rue, 1A
1473 Glabais, Belgique